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Before the doom of Moros Kingdom, the Sandark castle of Mohas was the closest one to the royal castle of Moros. However, this area is now heavenly place for Orcs, Orc archers and King Beholders. Widern town at the center of Mohas is famous for lots of the nice merchants. Even People who don't know about Mohas heard about the village ‘Widern'. Most of people in widern make their living by providing various goods to Sandark castle.

Sandark castle
Before the Moros kingdom falls this castle was called Mohas castle, but after the lord here Sandark declared an independency from the kingdom, this castle now call the "Sandark castle". This place was kind of different from Legyon fortress, but it was still a very important spot for strategically, so timid king Benea had to make a castle to watch those lords here. This place is actually very dangerous since there are many Orc archers here.

Widern town
This town makes living by supplying Sandark castle. This place was not really a good place or living with many monsters around, but since the lord here declared that he will buy products with high rate if you are near from the castle, wandering dealers started to settle here and actually made their own small town. The town is on very high place, but Sandark castle's soldiers are guarding here since there are lots of monsters.