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World Map


Before the War against Evils, Miras was the one of the most peaceful place. However, since the War occurred, monsters got trickle into this place, and started to disperse native people. So most of people left or remade their small shelters in places, and moved to bigger villages to protect themselves from monsters. Recently, there's only one village 'Vasis' left.
Hatchlings, Zombie Dogs and Evil Dogs are going around in this place. Therefore when inexperienced travelers go through here, they should be very careful
Miras as a gateway to other towns, used to be a unite of small towns. But sadly, due to those monsters' constant attack, people had to move to Vail or Legyon, nowadays Vasis is the only town where you can see living people. It is still a very big problem for Vasis people, and since it is also very hard to come into Vasis from other towns, Vasis's future is not that bright either.

Silva's ranch
Vasis town's one of elder Silva's ranch. There used to be many good wild horses here, sometimes even Moros royal family were riding horses from here. But, these days he just makes living by renting horses to travelers or selling to horse dealer in big cities in very cheap price.