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Zils, located in the southwest area of Nemesis, is a historical place although it's small town.
This area was the territory of Krinencia once, at the time of 'The 7th War against Evils', Deicide Zils and Deon de Patten killed Devil Fairak and put a full stop to the war here. 
Once people lived this place with villages in some degree, but it has became a site for monsters, and people left gradually after Damakhan under Karis's command and monsters attacked here on the August 'the Year of Eis 961'. 
In this place, there are still vestiges of village left, but it is impossible to find he trace of people no more since monsters got more violent and stronger because of the force of Damakhan.
There is no more nice rural scenery because of widely distributed monsters in places. However this is good for knights who want to upgrade their skills.