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World Map

Bygone is the first portal place to go 'Nil Spadia' which has the door of time travel for the past time. In Bygone is a village built on stilts over the water, called "Swap Village". In contrast to the dismal mood in Swap Village, it is a thriving business town where people can get the stuff for time travel. The reason why it's close to the time travel portal, normal people just avoid here, although it's quite big village.
Some people call here it 'The land of Griffin' because there is lot of Griffins that sometimes called Gripese lives here.

Swap town
In this town, most of merchants are selling various products for travel to the past. This town is actually kind of abandoned from most of people because of its swampy landscape.

Dark marsh
This swampy area made of dead people inside because of several wars against evil, has lost its own name long time ago, and called as dark glade or dark marsh. Filled with mosses and tall reeds, you can easily find lots of puddles.