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World Map

This virtual reality place was created on the March at 'the year of Eis 993'.
After doom of most kingdoms, there is no more power that could control trade and due to the lot of dissension among the merchant guilds and fraud cases between people, Barter Square was created by sacred council and the 'Faith of White'.
After the creation of Barter Square, it brings enormous advantages. After the increasing number of monsters, it was very hard to make trade between cities, so some indigenous products were very pricey. But it brings price stabilization and place where can meet other people from all over the continent because people get here easily by Portal.
There are well trained warehouse keepers who help other people to trade their goods more effectively and they also help people go back to the place where they come from. The scholars forecast that Barter Square makes whole continent's development 10 years faster and people will be stabilized with the growth of their business after the fairly long time of anarchy state
Warehouse Custodian
Only three people who can stay at this Barter Square for 24 hours, these three warehouse custodians are managing equipments for Wizards, Archers, and Warriors. These three people are also famous in continent also, they help people trade their goods effectively, complete deals and distribute profits. Works like these are very hard, but they do keep their job since payments are solid.
The only entrance and exit for this virtual space. It has very sophisticated and complicated pattern , this will enables people to go in and out with certain balance and let them go back to where they were in peace. Barter Square was supposed to be completed last year, but it had to took some more time to build this perfect Portal space.
Statue of trade
This statue was made to warn those abusive trades, four knights are guarding the middle knight watching trading people. There were actually some cases when people got jailed or executed by powerful guards trying to scam or fight with other people. Rumors are saying that there is some spell on these statues, in order to prevent abusive trades or fights.