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World Map

Teban, like Lobitan used to be a famous horse breeding center. However, after an increasing number of horse-meat crazy Wyverns settled here, it became an undesirable place to live. It is a land of lava, grassland, hills and sand, with no land left for living things.
This wild place is now habitat for monsters only, and is shared by Wyverns and Magma Golems. Occasionally some adventurers come here hunting for Wyvern eggs, but they are more likely to become a delicacy for Wyverns than to return with trophies. These days, the area is off-limits to everybody.

Gald Fortress
This fortress was built before the kingdom has fall in order to secure people and horses from Wyverns. But today, most of troops and civilians have evacuated because of the chaos by the king's assassination incident. Sometimes tired travelers or adventurers take a rest here, but they also soon take off because the hollowness of this fortress.