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World Map

Barknan, it is the land of glacial with terrible monsters such as Cyclops Troll Chimeras and Ice knights. Especially, the strongest monster Ice knights made most people moved out. In the past time, there were more various monsters but they've been disappeared with no reason. Beside, there is many monsters were confined in the lump of ice, which is called 'the cursed glacier'. It shows that the cursed glacier wasn't typical one because it is possible to find 'Beard Fish' in it, however it's wired that 'Ice-knights' which could only exist in the glacial land, Wyvern that is strong to coldness and even 'Golem' that doesn't care coldness and hot weather at all also was confined in this glacier.
Adventurers and travelers are afraid of putting one-step inside because they thought the cursed glacier could overtake them.