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World Map


Before the War of against Evel, Vail used to be a transfer city from Zils or Gourse to big cities. But after this horrible catastrophe, the road has been closed and people couldn't use it anymore.
After catastrophe, sufferers from Zils and Gourse settled down in Vail and it became much bigger town. In the center of Vail, there are lots of rich people living at Poduram which is surround by rivers. Because of this advantage of river, Poduram is very safe, and monster cannot come over here. 
Mostly many Beholders and Carnival Rats are widely distributed. At the Orc's forest that called this name because there were Orcs in the past, there are many Hatchlings which look like baby dragon go around in the forest and because of this monster people can not go there easily.

Pretty big town made of one complete island. You need to use one of three bridges in order to move on to other location. With this geographical peculiarity, there was some dynasties here, but couldn't keep them with lack of supply. Vail is in shape of sort of big magical formation, and Poduram town is in the middle of that.
Orc's forest
This Orc's forest was here even before the whole town was build, and there is a story of Orcs living here whom are older than humans. There's no more Orcs around here thanks to our nation's Orc sweeping work, but instead of them fire throwing Hatchlings has appeared, so people still need to be really careful. Also, this place is getting more dangerous these days because of those huge Beholders.
Divine River
These flows of water around Poduram can be called as a river, but more likely a lake. This river around whole Vail area strangely does not flow to the sea. It actually looks like some kind of artificial ditch around the city, weird thing is that this river is still crystal clear even though it doesn't have no way to circulate. Most town people used to use this water for drink, that's why people call it a divine river since it doesn't ever get contaminated.