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The Infinite War


GE Point system introduction
- You will start with 0 GE Point when character is first made.
- You can add up your GE Point by hunting monsters.
- One PK will give you - 12000 on GE Point.
- When your GE Point is lower than - 25000, you cannot use NPC shops.
- When your GE Point gets lower than - 30000, you cannot perform PK no more.(Including seize and infinite warfare)
- When your character's GE Point gets lower than ? 30000, your character name color will turn into red.
- There will be no GE Point minus when a character with plus GE Point PK a character with minus GE Point.
- When a plus GE Point character PK a character with GE Point lower than ? 30000 will give that character + 300 GE Point.
- When a minus GE Point character Pk other minus GE Point character, that character will also loose GE Point.
Penalty set up by the GE Point decrease
Player GE Point Penalty subject
- 60,000 ~ - 45,000 Warehouse N/A, Shop function N/A, Mercenary activity N/A, No self deffense.
- 45,000 ~ - 25,000 Warehouse N/A, Shop function N/A, No self deffense.
- 25,000 ~ 0 Self defense available
Doubled price when purchasing items from the shop, and half price for selling items to the shop.
GE Point increase
You can higher your GE Point by hunting monsters. The amount of plus GE Point will be decided by the gap between your character and monster's level, and this change of GE Point will be lesser than from the infinite warfare. At the infinite warfare, you can earn lots of GE Point by killing your enemies.
GE Point decrease
Your GE Point will go down for - 12000 point when Pking a none relationship character by force attack.
Outlaw penalty
You will be named as a outlaw when your GE Point is lower than - 25000.
When character is dead, you will drop or loose items by the rate of your GE Point, the probability for dropping or loosing items will go up as your GE Point.