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The Infinite War

Mercenary guild - A guild without a castle
Creating a mercenary guild
- A mercenary guild is made of the master, vice-master, and normal members.
- There's no limitation for guild member number, and only master of the guild can appoint vice-master.
Mercenary master > Vice mercenary master > Normal guild member
Major roles for master and vice-master of the mercenary guild
- Master of a guild can decide many important decisions for their guild. Such as, register and firing the member, disband the guild, securing location, appointing and dismissing the vice-master, making guild notification, auto member update, and leaving the master position.
- Vice-master can control member registration, guild notification, and leaving the vice-master position.
Army - A guild possessing a castle.
Creating an army
- A mercenary guild can become the army by seizing a castle.
Army organization
- Army organization system is basically same with the mercenary guild, except an army can have 2 vice-masters for a castle.
Army master > Vice army masters > Normal army member
2 vice-masters for a castle.
Major role of army master and vice-master.
- Masters of army are in charge of same commands as mercenary guild masters, and they can also decide to apply an alliance or secede from it.
- Vice army masters do have same role as vice-masters for mercenary guild.