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History of Deicide


Karis, Asprila, and Quede
he born of Nemesis' prince "Quede hell Hiris was very unfortunate for Karis. And Queded become the guardian of Asprila was same thing, just worse. With Quede on her side, Asprila was getting divine than ever, and this was absolutely against what KAris had on his mind. For that Karis had set up an evil plan to get rid of Quede, and finally successed to take Asprila's soul. But, Karis's evil plan to awake the dark side of Asprila's soul had to stop for a while when Quede found out that Asprila was alive, tensed Estansia continent started to get ready for the next war against evil with Quede leading them. After was furious Karis took all of his army to attack the kingdom of Nemesis directly...