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History of Deicide


After world
ith Quede's death, Nemesis went on a panic for a while, and forces from Moros and Tanatos took their chance to be independent. Estansia continent once again separated into three kingdoms, but all they have left was the fight between each other. But there are still lots of evil creatures invading from other dimensions, and Karis' descendants also kept on hating and attacking humans, especially those Dragons and devils. 

What we need right now here in Estansia continent is a new powerful hero. Uniting the continent, and sweeping Karis' descendants with other human races will be the dream of your own. In this unrest continent of Estansia, your dream must be realized to prevent no more invasion from those pure evil like Karis. As your power grows, people will praise you, and make more towns and status to remember your great works. Troubadours will also sing a song to tribute your hero story to next generations.

How about that? Don't you think it's worth challenging?

Welcome to our Estansia stranger, the continent of eternal freedom and possibility.