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History of Deicide


Legends in songs (Song by a troubadour)
The highest tower and wall had collapsed

Dragons fire burning everything

Warrior with Dragon slayer and Immortal shield

Didn't stop fighting with demons.

Quede was the name of warrior
The prince of Nemesis with misfortune

Quede was the name of warrior
The man who loved a witch

Evil Karis sneered at him

How dare a human try to beat me? 

Asprila threw a fire to Quede

But, fire melted, and the witch had fall

Asprila was the name of witch
Crenencia's virgin of misfortune

Asprila was the name of witch
The witch who loved prince

Karis was shouting

Kill him Asprila!, kill him! 

Asprila but threw the fire to Karis with smile on her mouth.

Karis ate Asprila with anger

Karis is the dumb devil
The stupidest devil in the world.

Karis is the dumb devil
That's why they killed him

Later on no Karis, Asprila nor Quede

had shown themselves

Warrior, Witch, and the dumb as well

They are all gone and never coming back

Men say oh great warrior Quede
Women say oh great witch Asprila

Children say what a dumb Karis
And that's what those troubadours say
Oh what a sad continentEstansia