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Game Play


Character info window
Indicates personal information and ability status of your current character.
Name Indicates the name of that character
Career Indicates the job of that character
Army Indicates which Army that character is in
Mercenaries Indicates which mercenary party the character is in.

Total level
Indicates the total level of Close attack + Range attack + Dark magic + White magic.
Close attack Indicates the passive skill level of close attack.
Range attack Indicates the passive skill level of range attack.
Dark magic ndicates the passive skill level of dark magic.
White magic Indicates the passive skill level of white magic.

Current character's physical strength level.
Dexterity Indicates the level of dexterity.
Intelligence Indicates the level of intelligence.

Attack power status, total of basic status and additional item ability.
Defense Physical defense rate, total of basic status and additional item ability.
Magic Indicates the character's magical ability rate. (Coming soon)
Magic resistance Indicates total magic resistance based on basic status and additional item ability.

Indicating character's vitality.
MP Indicating character's magical ability.
Inclination Showing the personal career inclinatory of current user.
Inventory window [Shortcut key : I]
In this inventory window, you will be able to check your current Shild balance, and also able to utilize your belongings in your inventory, such as potions. (Double click on the item) Item equipping is same with disposable items, double click on desirable item and it will automatically equipped to your empty character slot. To take out, just choose the item you are equipping, and double click on it. Notice : When you are in ghost status, you are not able to perform none of these process.

01. Item equipping window
02. Inventory slot
03. Shild balance
Skill window [Shortcut key : K]
In this skill window, you will be able to check your available skill and magic. Put your skill and magic icon on to the empty slot in quick slot row. After that, click the slot number to activate your skill or magic.

Basic skill : Close attack, Range attack, Dark magic, White magic related common skills
Advanced skill : Each character's peculiar skills
Living skill : Necessary skills for playing Laqia Online.
Guild skill : Guild related skill.
Army skill : Army related skill (Soon to be updated)
Living skill
Necessary living skills for playing Laqia Online. (Item changing, party set up)
Invite Party Inviting party member Party master
leave Party Secede from current party  
Exile Party Deport user from the party(Soon to be updated) Party master
Disband Party Disbanding current party Party master
Party board Searching and registering party member(Soon to be updated)  
Ask Trade Requesting trade  
Pick up Picking up items around certain area  
Quest Indicating quest information(Soon to be updated)  
Invite Friend Add user to my friend list  
Friends list Friends list  
Delete friend Deleting user from my friend list  
Friend Block Hide myself from whole friend list(Soon to be updated)  
Reject Chat Ignore all chatting information  
Reject Whisper Block all whispering attempt  
Reject Trade Block all trade attempt  
Reject Party Blocking party invitation  
Location Indicates current location  
Guild Skill
Invite Guild Inviting user to my guild Guild master,
Vice master
Expel Guild Drop user from the guild Guild master,
Vice master
Leave Guild Secede from the guild Guild member
Secure base Securing fighting position (Soon to be updated) Guild master
Guild notice Notify guild news (Soon to be updated) Guild master,
Vice master
Guild Member Online Current online guild member list (Soon to be updated) Guild member
Guild Member List Total guild member list (Soon to be updated) Guild master,
Vice master
Leaving guild Leaving the guild master position (Soon to be updated) Guild master
Promote Vice Master Promoting guild member to vice master Guild master
Demote Vice Master Demoting vice master to normal member Guild master
Entrust Vice Master Leaving the vice master position (Soon to beupdated) Vice master
Member update Automatic guild member update (Soon to be updated) Guild master
Chatting system
Chatting log
Indicates in-game notification, item picking, and level up status. Chatting log window can be sized in 3 ways size adjusting button is on the top right part of the menu. Normal, trade, Army, mercenary, party chats can be divided by colors.(Trade, Army chat will soon to be updated.)
Guild chat Color of chat
Party chat Color of chat
Notification Color of chat
System message Color of chat
Normal chat Color of chat
Whisper Color of chat

Chatting command
Enter : Show speech to current chatting row
Space + Enter : Show speech only to those around character (Normal chatting window) [Soon to be update]
Alt + Enter : Show speech to Army chatting window [Soon to be updated]
Ctrl + Enter : Show speech to guild chatting window [Soon to be updated]
Shift + Enter : Show speech to party chatting window [Soon to be updated]
Last word on trade window will remain displayed, will be deleted when moving the character.[ Soon to be updated]

Whisper system
At the chatting window, type /Character name(The one who will receive the whisper) subject ,and press Enter.
Whispering names will be memorized for maximum 8 users, to delete the user, select the user you want to delete and click on Delete key.
(User deleting command will soon to be updated)

Type /on to the chatting window will easily let you whisper to the last user you've whispered to.
ex) /Laqia Hello~! Whisper will be delivered to the character named Laqia.

Tip) Users you've whispered will be saved up to 10 names You can check these list of users by keyboard's up and down button.

Friend system [Soon to be updated]
Combo list type interface system that will show only connected friends list, click on combo list will recall friends list. You can recall memo chatting window by double clicking the user name. Recalled memo chatting has same function as whispering. At the memo chatting window, you can add chatting mate by typing [/invite username]. "invite¡± command is only available for the one who created memo chatting window, maximum member is up to 50.

Other command [soon to be updated]
/Friend [username] : Add user to friend list
/Friend list : Show whole friend list 
/Friend delete [username] : Delete user from my friend list
/Block friend : Hide myself from my friend list
/Block user [username] : Ignore complete chatting information for that user (Whisper, trade, chat)
/Block trade : Block whole trade attempt
/Location : Display current location on the chatting log window
/Block party : Block all party inviting message
System menu [Shortcut key : O]
In this menu, you can reset the game system set up, change character, or quit the game.

Sound : Adjusting Sound effect, or background music
5.1chanel : Choose between 2chanel / 5.1chanel (You must have 5.1chanel supporting sound card and speaker in order to enjoy Laqia Online as 5.1chaenel.)
Help : In-game playing help
Quit : Restart, and quit game
Shortcut key Information
ESC Close window
Number key 1~8 Quick slot
F1 ~ F8 Changing quick slot
H Help
W Zoom In
S Zoom Out
R Camera view Up
F Camera view Down
A Camera rotate (Left)
D Camera rotate (Right)
Alt Dropped item display
Ctrl Force attack (PvP will soon to be updated)
C Character information window
K Skill window
P Party window
I Inventory window
O Option window
`(~) Screen capture
Tab Mini map on / off
Spacebar Camera view auto set up
Mouse wheel button (Wheel rolling) Zoom, In / Out, (Wheel click) Rotate
Right mouse button Attack / Skill
Left mouse button Move / Select
Keyboard section
Mouse section
Click on the spot you want to move with the left mouse button.
Item usage
Collect item
Move your cursor to dropped item, and the cursor will change into hand shape.
While with hand shape cursor click on the left mouse button to collect the item.
Tip) Using collect item skill(Living skill), will make it more easier to pick up dropped items.
Item identification
Colleted items will go into your inventory section.
Open your inventory window, and move your mouse cursor to identify collected item information.
Item usage / equipment
HP potion, and MP potion can be used by double clicking the left mouse button on the item.
Double click on weapon or armor will equip items into certain equipment section.
¡Ø It is impossible equip or remove items while you are in ghost status.
Weight system
Weight system based on total level
Arranged for Close attack >Range attack > Dark, White magic.
You can possess more items as your Close attack level gets higher.

Weight gauge
You cannot perform no attack when your weight gauge is up to 80%.
You cannot collect no more items when your weight gauge gets 100%.