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Class System

Class system introduction
Deicide unique class system to grow your character as you want with 4 type of attack skills(Close, Range, Dark magic, White magic), and getting a class as you learn each class's specified advanced skills.
Each attack skills will lead to their 4 divided class career.

Ex) When you get 25 close attack skills, you will be able to learn "Warrior" class's "War cry" advanced skill, and then you can become the "Warrior".

Deicide's changing occupation system
Deicide has different changing occupation system than other games (Changing class means you only can use new class's skills other than previous advanced skills, let you use both of previous and new advanced skills. Basically, you can call Deicide's changing occupation system not changing, but having multiple classes.

Ex) When "Warrior" (Close attack level 25) levels White magic skill to 10, character can learn the "Paladin" skill. Although, character's class will remain "Warrior", you can still use both skills for "Warrior" and "Paladin" class.

In order to change your class name from "Warrios" to "Paladin", you need to either level up you white magic skill higher than close attack skill, or learn 2nd "Paladin" advanced skill.
(Currently 2nd "Paladin" advanced skill is not available. Soon to be update.)

Deicide's changing occupation system
Class order Close attack Range attack Dark magic White magic
Close attack Warrior Assassin Blade mage Monk
Range attack Bandit Archer Wanderer Hawk
Dark magic Shadow knight Poacher Wizard Druid
White magic Paladin Ranger Shaman Cleric
Horizontal classes are primary classes, and vertical classes are sub classes.
Classes will be decided as the primary attacking system for that certain character, you can gain the class title as you learn those special advanced skills.
Close attack class requirements
Warrior Close attack skill 25, Warrior advanced skill
Bandit Close attack skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Bandit advanced skill
Shadow knight Close attack skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Shadow knight advanced skill
Paladin Close attack skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Paladin advanced skill
Range attack class requirements
Assassin Range attack skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Assassin advanced skill
Archer Range attack skill 25, Archer advanced skill
Poacher Range attack skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Poacher advanced skill
Ranger Range attack skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Ranger advanced skill
Dark magic class requirements
Blade mage Dark magic skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Blade mage advanced skill
Wanderer Dark magic skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Wanderer advanced skill
Wizard Dark magic skill 25, Wizard advanced skill
Shaman Dark magic skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Shaman advanced skill
White magic class requirements
Monk White magic skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Monk advanced skill
Hawk White magic skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Hawk advanced skill
Druid White magic skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Druid advanced skill
Cleric White magic skill 25, Cleric advanced skill

Close attack class
Classes normally attack with sword, Warrior is the typical career for this class, you can also become Bandit, Shadow knight, and Paladin.
Warrior - Close attack skill 25, Warrior advanced skill
Typical combat character fights with hand weapons. Sword is basic part, and you can also use anything you hand can carry. Warriors can wear heavy armors with their great strength, therefore their defense is good, but struggles when fighting with magical characters.
Bandit - Close attack skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Bandit advanced skill
Troubadours or thieves in guild are most of members for Bandit class. They can easily fight with daggers, but can also use short or cross bows wisely. It is very hard for them to face those powerful Warriors, therefore they usually prefer sneak attack or sometimes assassinating.
Shadow knight - Close attack skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Shadow knight advanced skill
There are some knights depend on dark magic in order to have more power. In the past, there were lots of knights selling their soul to devil to get more power, in this case you will get more incredible powers, but hard to decide what is right and what is wrong. Shadow knights have great power almost equal to Warriors, and also have dark magic which is opposite to Paladin.
Paladin - Close attack skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Paladin advanced skill
Paladins walk the straight opposite way to Shadow knights. They have great strength from white wizard, strong on close attacks, and also can use white magic freely. Paladin has merit to heal themselves, they can also spell powerful "Striking" skill to their weapons in order to fight with doubled power when facing the enemy which is same with shadow knights.

Range attack class
Range attack classes use bow type weapons for their primary combat methods. Archer is the typical unit for this class, and then you have Assassin, Poacher, and Ranger. They do have higher and fast growth rate of dexterity, therefore they are the most capable class for using long-range attack with bow type weapons.
Assassin - Range attack skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Assassin advanced skill
Professional assassinating class working alone without registered to the thief guild. They have fascinating bow skill, use sneaking attack for their weakness, close attack. Assassins do have fast feet and reliable defense rate, therefore they can be a serious threat when they cover their weak close range combat skill.
Archer - Range attack skill 25, Archer advanced skill
Archers have potential to be able to use long range bow weapons as they want. They can't be effective for close range combat since their armor is very light and thin in order to move quickly. They do fight as supporting role, but they can be dangerous in serious threat in combat since there are lots of archers with great long or cross bow skills.
Poacher - Range attack skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Poacher advanced skill
Poachers usually work covertly like assassins. They sometimes use poisoned arrows, and also capable of using dark magic, too. So if you are facing poachers, you need to be careful.
Ranger - Range attack skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Ranger advanced skill
Usually, rangers were just for watchers for the mountain, but now powerful white magicians are taking this role as those dangerous monsters are increasing. Their fascinating healing skill is very useful for single combat also.

Dark magic class
Class of attack magics such as fire or ice magics. They are famous Wizards, but also have Blade mage, Wanderer, and Shaman for powerful magicians. Dark magic classes have high intelligence, and fast increase of Mana, usually focused on attack with wand.
Blade mage - Dark magic skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Blade mage advanced skill
Blade mages have similar propensity of Shadow knights, but they use more powerful dark magic than close attack skills. Cleary opposite to Paladin class.
Wanderer - Dark magic skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Wanderer advanced skill
Class in deep heterodoxy for more powerful magic, and they also have bow for extra effective combat skill. Their long range attack skill is not really good enough for long range combat, but still very serious threat because of their effective dark magic skills.
Wizard - Dark magic skill 25, Wizard advanced skill
Very weak class with low defense needs to be protected in close combat. Low level wizards do fight as the supporting role for classes like Warriors in close range combat, but they will become the most powerful class as their level grows. Wizards have area attack which can harm lots of enemies at one attack, therefore it is very dangerous to have Wizards as your enemy.
Shaman - Dark magic skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Shaman advanced skill
Shamans used to fight for their town from enemies or monsters, therefore it was necessary for them to learn evil dark magic. They do have white magic ability, but usually used just for protection not for combat.

White magic class
Class with heal or spiritual skills. Cleric is the typical class for white magic, and then we have Monk, Hawk, and Druid. Just like dark magic type classes, white magic classes do have high intelligence and Mana growth rate. They usually use blunt type weapons for various kinds of healing or spiritual magic skills.
Monk - White magic skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Monk advanced skill
Most of white magicians do bring blunts for protection, but mostly they try to avoid straight close range combat since their health rate is not really good, and don't really have good weapon skills. But, Monks do take serious weapon training for close range combat, therefore they sometimes are effective in close range combat just as good as Paladins.
Monks can be very useful since they do have white magic for their primary propensity.
Hawk - White magic skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Hawk advanced skill
Class with decent long range bow skills. These white magic bowmen were actually nicknamed for their saint bright eyes, but it has become their real class name.
They usually take the scouting work, but sometimes do play serious role such as assassin.
Druid - White magic skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Druid advanced skill
When days of Karis, dark and white magic were clearly divided. But even then, Druids were taking good merits from both sides, and enchant them into more powerful magic.
Druids have most powerful white magic, and also can use incredible leveled dark magic.
Cleric - White magic skill 25, Cleric advanced skill
Clerics do work as supportive role for other party members, but they can be dangerous like dark magicians when their attack magic level gets higher. Cleric basically has healing and blessing magic commands, therefore they really are necessary for adventure or war against enemy.