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Class System

Dark magic class
Class of attack magics such as fire or ice magics. They are famous Wizards, but also have Blade mage, Wanderer, and Shaman for powerful magicians. Dark magic classes have high intelligence, and fast increase of Mana, usually focused on attack with wand.
Blade mage - Dark magic skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Blade mage advanced skill
Blade mages have similar propensity of Shadow knights, but they use more powerful dark magic than close attack skills. Cleary opposite to Paladin class.
Wanderer - Dark magic skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Wanderer advanced skill
Class in deep heterodoxy for more powerful magic, and they also have bow for extra effective combat skill. Their long range attack skill is not really good enough for long range combat, but still very serious threat because of their effective dark magic skills.
Wizard - Dark magic skill 25, Wizard advanced skill
Very weak class with low defense needs to be protected in close combat. Low level wizards do fight as the supporting role for classes like Warriors in close range combat, but they will become the most powerful class as their level grows. Wizards have area attack which can harm lots of enemies at one attack, therefore it is very dangerous to have Wizards as your enemy.
Shaman - Dark magic skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Shaman advanced skill
Shamans used to fight for their town from enemies or monsters, therefore it was necessary for them to learn evil dark magic. They do have white magic ability, but usually used just for protection not for combat.