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Class System

Range attack class
Range attack classes use bow type weapons for their primary combat methods. Archer is the typical unit for this class, and then you have Assassin, Poacher, and Ranger. They do have higher and fast growth rate of dexterity, therefore they are the most capable class for using long-range attack with bow type weapons.
Assassin - Range attack skill 15 + Close attack skill 10, Assassin advanced skill
Professional assassinating class working alone without registered to the thief guild. They have fascinating bow skill, use sneaking attack for their weakness, close attack. Assassins do have fast feet and reliable defense rate, therefore they can be a serious threat when they cover their weak close range combat skill.
Archer - Range attack skill 25, Archer advanced skill
Archers have potential to be able to use long range bow weapons as they want. They can't be effective for close range combat since their armor is very light and thin in order to move quickly. They do fight as supporting role, but they can be dangerous in serious threat in combat since there are lots of archers with great long or cross bow skills.
Poacher - Range attack skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Poacher advanced skill
Poachers usually work covertly like assassins. They sometimes use poisoned arrows, and also capable of using dark magic, too. So if you are facing poachers, you need to be careful.
Ranger - Range attack skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Ranger advanced skill
Usually, rangers were just for watchers for the mountain, but now powerful white magicians are taking this role as those dangerous monsters are increasing. Their fascinating healing skill is very useful for single combat also.