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Class System

Close attack class
Classes normally attack with sword, Warrior is the typical career for this class, you can also become Bandit, Shadow knight, and Paladin.
Warrior - Close attack skill 25, Warrior advanced skill
Typical combat character fights with hand weapons. Sword is basic part, and you can also use anything you hand can carry. Warriors can wear heavy armors with their great strength, therefore their defense is good, but struggles when fighting with magical characters.
Bandit - Close attack skill 15 + Range attack skill 10, Bandit advanced skill
Troubadours or thieves in guild are most of members for Bandit class. They can easily fight with daggers, but can also use short or cross bows wisely. It is very hard for them to face those powerful Warriors, therefore they usually prefer sneak attack or sometimes assassinating.
Shadow knight - Close attack skill 15 + Dark magic skill 10, Shadow knight advanced skill
There are some knights depend on dark magic in order to have more power. In the past, there were lots of knights selling their soul to devil to get more power, in this case you will get more incredible powers, but hard to decide what is right and what is wrong. Shadow knights have great power almost equal to Warriors, and also have dark magic which is opposite to Paladin.
Paladin - Close attack skill 15 + White magic skill 10, Paladin advanced skill
Paladins walk the straight opposite way to Shadow knights. They have great strength from white wizard, strong on close attacks, and also can use white magic freely. Paladin has merit to heal themselves, they can also spell powerful "Striking" skill to their weapons in order to fight with doubled power when facing the enemy which is same with shadow knights.