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Age of Cignare an MMORPG 

The Ultimate Fantasy Adventure


What comes into your mind when thinking of fantasy games? Is it the sword of a great warrior? The casting of a spell with a powerful wizard staff? Amazing archers that will astonish you with their bows and skills. Hybrid breeds skills. Most of you probably think of fantasy games as the mysterious unreal world with surrealistic things and phenomenon. And that's what most MMORPGs are about. But, our Age of Cignare will take you beyond that. Our community full of energy, drama, competitive mode, amazing war skills that will blow your mind. 

What our team thought we needed was actual individual adventurism imagination and a team with leadership that is available 24/7 for our community. 

What I thought we were missing here in our community was an Adventure. We are taking our community interactions to a much needed attention. Creating new ways of interaction and maintaining a high level of communication with our community. You are our priority.